Al-Masarat is an International American School in Hail Saudi Arabia. It requires high academic performance from each student. The school provides a comprehensive, sequential curriculum that emphasizes the mastery of a foundation of knowledge and skills in English, mathematics, science, computer, social studies, art, other languages and physical education.

It provides for the intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs of each student by incorporating a balance in academics, arts and athletics. We teach mcgraw hill and HMH American curriculums. These companies provide annual training to faculty and staff.

English Language

English is the most important subject that we teach. It includes reading, writing, spelling, grammar, handwriting, speaking, rhyming and memorization.


We emphasize mathematics by utilizing state-of-the-art instructional programs and techniques to ensure students' mastery of mathematics. This involves the use of curricula and proficiency tests from countries with superior mathematic achievements. Through practical activities we aim to help our children to acquire the skills and understanding in number, measure, shape, algebra and data handling. We show the children how to use these mathematical skills in everyday situations.


Physical Education

We believe every child can be taught how to draw and paint. Our art teachers are working artists who adhere to that belief. We expose the children to the work of a variety of artists, and encourage them to mimic and learn from what they see and create. The study of art history is a vital part of the curriculum.

Physical education and athletics contribute to good health and enhanced physical and emotional well-being. The teamwork and social skills and knowledge gained in these activities serve students well throughout their lives.


At Al-Masarat int`ll School, our students learn the scientific method and philosophy of science using a curriculum set to high international standards. We teach children to develop skills such as observing, comparing, predicting, estimating, measuring, testing, communicating and interpreting information. These allow them to explore and investigate the world in a scientific manner.

Islamic Studies

The school provides Islamic studies curriculum based on learning Islamic subjects like the Holy Quran, Hadith, behavior and seerah.


Each student works with curriculum related software, and will learn computer information search techniques through the internet and private services and touch typing skills. All students will master basic computer skills such as word processing, computer art programs, spreadsheets, communications and browsing software.

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